Akios Fury FX8 Sea Reel


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Akios Fury FX8 Sea Reel

Akios FURY FX8


Featuring a high strength carbon composite body and rotor, a hollow bail arm, and a powerful 32lb/15kg drag system, the FURY FX8 is a very capable shore casting reel.


Smoothness is assured due to no less than 6x stainless steel bearings and an additional Instand Anti Reverse (IAR) bearing.


Supplied with two precision CNC machined, aluminium long cast spools, a deep mono spool and a shallow braid spool.


The FURY FX8 offers exceptional value and functionality and is the perfect pairing for the Akios FURY FX420 and FX450 rods.



High Strength Carbon Composite Body & Rotor

6+1 Stainless Steel Bearings

Instant Anti-Reverse Bearing

Lightweight Aluminium Deep Long Cast Spool

Spare Lightweight Aluminium Shallow Long Cast Spool

Strong Drag – 32lb/15kg

Slow Oscillation for Superior Line Lay

4.1:1 Gear Ratio

Machined Aluminium Handle with Power Grip



  • Deep Aluminium Spool: 400yds/15lb/0.32mm
  • Shallow Aluminium Spool: 210yds/12lb/0.32mm
  • Gear Ratio: 4.1:1
  • Bearings: 6+1
  • Maximum Drag: 32lb
  • Weight: 675g


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