BFT Crimping Pliers

The BFT Crimping Pliers are strong and durable and will effectively provide a 6-point crushing of single or double crimp sleeves and clamping sleeves.

These pliers have Teflon coated jaws for maximum strength and has super secure 6-point pressure. The pliers can be used for steel leaders, monofilament and fluorocarbon line and can be used for universal application for all crimp sleeves up to 4mm.

The handles have a non-slip grip and an ergonomic design for comfort when holding.

The BFT Crimping Pliers Have the BFT black/green colours and feature BFT branding.

Professional quality
Teflon coated jaws
Two crush sizes
Super secure 6-point pressure
For all common crimp sleeves sizes of 0.6-4mm
Non-slip handle


In stock

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