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Seaguar Ace Hard Pure Fluorocarbon

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Seaguar Ace Hard Pure Fluorocarbon

The world’s strongest fluorocarbon!   Made in Japan.

This hard version has been specially formulated for knot strength and abrasion resistance.

Makes impressively invisible leaders for Salmon & big game. Seaguar Ace is now a favourite cast material for salmon anglers fishing the Kola Peninsular in Russia and Sea Trout in Patagonia.

Seaguar fluorcarbon has a unique multi-directional polymer structure, giving renforced strength on the knot. Seaguar also offers invisibility, high strength to diameter ratio and UV resistance.

50m spool.

Strengths available:

0.205mm – 4.0kg/8.8lbs

0.235mm – 5.3kg/11.6lbs

0.285mm – 7.0kg/15.4lbs

0.33mm – 8.7kg/ 19.14lbs

0.37mm – 10.7kg/23.5lbs



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