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Shimano FX Catana Spinning Rod

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Shimano FX Catana Spinning Rod

Introducing the Shimano Catana FX Spinning Rod, a testament to precision engineering and passion for angling. This rod is not just a tool; it’s an extension of the angler’s arm, designed to enhance every fishing expedition.

Available options:

  • 7′ 14-40g
  • 7’10 14-40g
  • 8’10 14-40g

Supplied in a cloth bag for transport and storage.

2 piece rod

Key Features:

  • Material Excellence: Built on a full carbon blank, the Catana FX boasts added strength thanks to its Geofibre enhancement. This ensures durability, especially in lighter models when battling powerful fish.
  • Versatility in Action: Whether you’re a fan of jigs, soft baits, or crankbaits, the Catana FX caters to all. With both fast and moderate-fast actions available, it’s tailored to transfer your hand movements to the lure with utmost efficiency.
  • Modern Aesthetics: Beyond its performance, the Catana FX is a sight to behold. Its modern look, combined with an ergonomic VSS style reel seat, ensures you fish in style.
  • Guide System: Fitted with Shimano Hardlite guides, the rod is compatible with both mono and braided mainlines, ensuring smooth casting and retrieval.
  • Handle Design: Depending on the action range, the handles are crafted either from a contemporary Cork/EVA combination or pure cork, ensuring a firm grip in all conditions.

Specifications: With over 20 models in the moderate-fast action range and 8 in the fast action range, the Catana FX offers a wide array of options to suit every angler’s needs. From the SCATFX55ULC, perfect for lighter catches, to the robust SCATFX910XHC designed for the heaviest of fish, there’s a Catana FX for every scenario.

Conclusion: The Shimano Catana FX Spinning Rod is more than just a fishing rod; it’s a commitment to excellence. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or just starting, the Catana FX promises to elevate your fishing performance, ensuring every trip is memorable.


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